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Jess Eddy

Jess Eddy is a multidisciplinary artist who's obsessed with the weirdly specific, the shiny and nostalgic, and creating new things to love. Her work explores ideas of comfort and mental health and what it means to be soft in a modern world.

Tiff Yue

Meets basic requirements of an artist and recently made a piece inspired by cat allergies.

Tom Groenestyn

Tom Groenestyn (groon·steen) is an animation boy who thinks computer art is really good. He can animate, draw trucks, make computer art and animate computer art of trucks.

James Lindsay

Hello I’m James and the theme of my work is that I started it exactly one week ago from the day of the exhibition. It’s all about struggling to use coloured pencils and what that means to me. I hope it’s okay I’m still making it.

Nikhil Markale

hi, I did a drawing of myself. if you want to know more come find me at the party and maybe I'll tell you.

Leo Mirzaie

Local gym kid trying to make his way to the world championship of generative art.

Tim Sta-Ana

Wanna make cute things with programmed electronics and craft.

Asian Slaw

Named as such because it’s made with shredded vegetables like traditional Coleslaw – but other than that, it couldn’t be more different! This Asian salad is fresh, bright and crunchy, but certainly not lacking in flavour.